Importance of Netgear Extender Setup Wizard In Extender Setup?

To connect the extender to the network, there is a need for a medium or interface that lets you connect the range extender to the existing network. This interface is known as Netgear Extender setup wizard. Now, you might be wondering to know, how to open this interface.

  • Turn on the extender first by connecting to the power outlet.
  • Wait till the power light on the extender turn green.
  • Now, place the extender and the router in the same room and connect it to the computer.
  • You need to connect the device to the computer either using a wireless connection or physically.
  • Wait for the status LED to turn green.
  • Now, launch the web browser and see if the device is detected on Mywifiext.Net link or not.
  • Open the link and enter the default login details. If you don’t know the default details, you can contact experts available via phone call.
  • As soon as the login page appears, you will find the dashboard displaying the different menu.
  • The Genie setup page will open when you click on the ‘New extender setup’.
  • Read on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Try connecting the wireless devices to the extender by selecting the SSID and password from the list of available networks.

This is all about the Smart setup wizard for the range extender. In case of any help or assistance, you can stay in touch with the experts.