Improving Office Air Quality With Indoor Plants – Good For Business

People have worked indoors for many centuries, but it is only in the last few decades that the indoor environment is generally totally sealed, air conditioned, and filled with synthetic materials that can out gas chemicals into the air.

These chemicals called VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, can have concentrations several times higher then that present in outdoor city air, and are recognized as having a deleterious effect on the health of people working in this environment. You can hire Plant Hire Company in Sydney for Interior Plant Designs.

Over the last twenty years it has become recognized that indoor plants have the ability to remove these VOCs from the indoor air, or at least substantially reduce their concentration.

This article outlines the health effect thought to be caused by these VOCs in indoor air, and looks at the research behind the removal of these compounds using indoor plants. As the most effective way to keep plants healthy in offices is indoor plant hire, it is suggested that indoor plant hire is the preferred option of maintaining plants in offices.

Air quality inside offices

The use of synthetic building materials, printers, computers, cleaners and personal care products, combined with the practice of air conditioning buildings, has resulted in the build-up of chemicals called volatile organic compounds in buildings.