Relaxation And Mindfulness – Where Peace And Happiness Are?

Where are relaxation, peace and happiness?

One becomes a seeker when one learns from the eastern wisdoms that peace and happiness do not exist in people, places, possessions, events and times in the external world.

In this learning process, common sense helps seekers to see that all experiences of the outside world are in the mind. For example, the experience of reading an article is taken into account even though the article is available.

Using mindfulness, you’re able to manage your stress better, worry less, and become more effective at what you do. With benefits for both your mental and physical health, it’s a strategy with surprising efficacy.

According to Eastern wisdom, there are three types of perception or knowledge, namely sense perception, mental perception and direct perception.

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Direct understanding is a place where I know myself about myself without external influence from the sense organs, mind, and intellect. Ordinary people die and become professors because of insight into subjective reality by dumping the outside world.

Relaxation, peace and happiness inside

Our true nature is our true self. The true self is revealed through truth, constant truth, joy, love and wisdom. Self-discovery is the goal of relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation.

The great yoga teacher, Krishna, said that just one step towards self-discovery saves one from fear, suffering and great awakening to relaxation, peace and happiness in life.

The journey to relaxation and awareness is never ending

When we enter the path of relaxation, mindfulness, inner peace and happiness, it never ends. As we continue our journey with peace, joy and relaxation follow us in our personal, professional, social and family lives.