Does Road Accidents Are Caused Due to the Bad Road Surface?

Whether you are a driver, motorcyclist or cyclist, you have had an accident at least once in your life or in the vicinity of an accident when the main negligence was the road surface itself. So, to avoid accidents, it is a brilliant idea to get road surfacing via

Car Accidents Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions - Law Offices of Jacob Emrani

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The problem is that everyone who uses our paths is aware of it and it is a problem that is getting worse. When you hear about car accidents, you automatically think of vehicle collisions. Poor road conditions cause a high percentage of road accidents, including deaths, every year.

Road surface and weather:- Unfavorable weather conditions make driving dangerous. This sometimes makes the road impassable to drive. Weather causes wear on the road surface, removes road markings and erodes the top layer of the road, making the tires more gripping.

Heavy rain or torrential floods can dump rainwater in an area for 2 months in just a few hours. Eradicating trees and placing various obstacles, makes driving in these conditions downright deadly. 

Strong winds can knock down traffic signs alerting drivers of impending dangers such as sharp turns or speed limits. Ice is another hazard that can cause road accidents, especially during the winter months. Poor drainage is usually a problem with water freezing on the asphalt, making driving conditions extremely dangerous.