Refrigeration Maintenance, Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

The walk-in cooler is exactly what the name suggests: a cooler big enough to fit in. It can be as small as a cupboard or as large as a large room, but its main purpose is to store large quantities of food in the refrigerator in a central area. You can now look for the best solution to maintain refrigeration, just subscribe to our newsletter.

Commercial Walk-In Coolers: Repair or Replace?

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Experts suggest that if your refrigeration needs exceed 80 cubic feet, or if you serve more than 250 meals a day, your facility may need to take a walk. Here too, you'll need to determine how much you should store, what size containers the storage space should fit, and the maximum number of items you'd like to have. 

The only way to make good use of the space is to equip it with shelves arranged in sections. How many square meters do you need exactly? The simplest formula is to calculate 1 to 1.5 cubic feet of storage space for each meal you serve per day. 

Another basic calculation: take the total number of rack legs you need (A) and divide by the number of shelves (B) you can place in each section. This will give you the number of linear feet per section (C). 

Add 40 to 50 percent (1.40 or 1.50) to this number (C) to cover increased volume, loss of space, and large items or mass. This will give you an estimate of the total linear frame (D) needed. 

However, a linear frame is not enough. Since the shelf is three-dimensional, you need to calculate the area of the square. So multiply (D) by the depth of each shelf (E) to get the total square size (F). Finally, multiply the number (F) to compensate for the path distance.