How to handle Plumbing Problems

Homeowners face a few plumbing problems like clogged drains, leaking pipes, and overflowing toilets from time to time.

Many times these minor problems grow to become huge plumbing issues that hassle the entire household. This is exactly why one needs emergency plumbing solutions handy. You can also opt for urgent plumbing services in Noble Park.


Odor and leakage issues are a cause of huge concern when you have burst water pipes or pipes that are leaky. The best thing to do during these situations is to shut off the water valve and block the water supply which will prevent further damage. Keeping a tab on your toilets helps prevent such situations.

When there is a leakage in the toilet you can test it by dropping food dye in the tank and let it settle. If the dye remains in the bowl after an hour or so, it is a clear indicator that there is leakage.

This is when you need to call a plumber and get the toilet repaired just in time. Basic plumbing knowledge will help to fix a clogged drain. The main issue with clogging is the accumulation of hair, soap pieces, and debris. Just ensure you pull the materials and clear the block before using a plunger.

A plunger will lift the block by creating pressure, this, in turn, loosens the clog which allows water flow along with the debris. The best time to call for emergency plumbing is when the plunger doesn't work. Never ever use chemicals with the intention of clearing blocked pipes as it poses a huge hazard. This may lead to overflowing of the pipe and in turn sprays the chemicals back on your face.