Know More About African Tribal Artwork

African artists inspired Western art, artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Modigliani. Their spirituality and abstraction and imagination helped to free Western artists from restraint and helped them create their modern European art .

Now the skills have been passed to a new generation of contemporary African artists, artists such as  Fanizani Akuda, Efiaimbelo and Reinata Sadimba. These artists continue to uphold the artistic excellence of their ancestors. You can get more information regarding fine tribal art via

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Tribal  African art has elements of mystical and spiritual meaning, in fact widely used for mystical purposes. African art techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Today the world is changing rapidly in Africa. Below, we are discussing African contemporary and outstanding artists who  introduced the world to a new Africa, the arts and new forms.

Contemporary African artist, Inacio Matsinhe (born, 1945, Maxixe, Mozambique), is a master of Mozambique, a plastic artistry country. His paintings are beautiful features warm and vibrant red, blues, violet, yellow and green. 

Matsinhe, also a very distinguished artist, got two scholarships from the Gulbenkian Foundation and ceramics around the world to study in Italy and then in London in Cass SirJohn Polytechnic Institute-School of the Arts. In 1977, he opened a studio in Lisbon, where he gave an exhibition area for fellow artists.