T-shirt – The Best Apparel For Everyone

The T-shirt is another name of tees. It is casual attire that is worn by people all over the world. It is a very simple looking garment that comes in different designs, patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes.

To alive, the popularity of t-shirt, it is also prepared with handmade design. A handmade design t-shirt  is perfect casual wear to achieve a different look. 


Many people like to wear handcrafted apparel rather than using machine-made items because of various reasons.

  • Handmade clothing items are very cost-effective to purchase because the machine-made apparels are prepared with automatic run machines that are of course very pricy to afford for any garments manufacturer company. They also need thousand of workers for the packaging and delivery of items. 
  • It is a way to alive the tradition of handcrafted design and pattern. Earlier people were used to wear handmade apparel because of the unavailability of resources. They promote the culture of art and print on attire. 
  • In the case of handmade apparel, you can have a design, colors, embroidery of your choice. For an everyday look, you can dress up with unique apparel. But on the other hand, company manufacturer thousand of copies of a single design and color. 
  • The big difference between handcraft and machine-made apparel is that handmade apparel is the best way to keep the environment safe and clean whereas factories used machines for manufacturing garments that need big consumption of electricity, raw material, etc.

Factories generate tones of waste material every year and produce toxic gases through chimneys which is also the biggest reason for polluting the environment and air.