Finding a Quality Auto Body Repair Shop in CA

When you need to have an auto body repair done, make sure you are asking the right questions in order to understand how the repair is going to be performed. Here are a few common trouble area's in which to pay close attention to:

Paint Work:

New Panels – New parts come with a thin black primer called an e-coat. Open face paint booths help painters to achieve the best results by providing precise environmental control over debris, dust, humidity, and temperature.

New Bumper / Plastics

This is the process number 1 failed in business, many artists do not know or do not want to take the additional steps necessary to properly prepare the plastic bumper covers.

Prima Plastics:

Aftermarket blankets are the worst for this, but some OEMs could be bad too. There is a recommended test to ensure better follow the paint job on the new plastics. If the shop using waterborne they do not have much to worry about, fast on the primary adhesion test with a piece of 2-inch tape is all that is required.


This is my favorite way to receive the bumper. Plastic raw rely heavily on chemical adhesion; it need to be cleaned very thoroughly.

Collision repair

Be on the lookout for people not to repair structural damage or hide. I've come where the rail vehicle frame/support rad replaced (welded) and not even painted! They rusted out quickly!