Gutter Cleaning Is Critical For The Health Of Your Home

Your gutter of the house, downpipe, and the drainage system is one of the most important elements to maintain. A huge percentage of water waste we see in our customers' homes would not occur with a properly working gutter system.

Therefore, to preserve the health of your home, we must first understand how the gutters drain the water from the house and what happens when you delay cleaning gutters and gutter repairs. To know more information about gutter cleaning in Edmonton, you can visit

gutter cleaning

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Through a rainstorm, a normal residential roof will have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water. In humid areas of the country, the gutters are required to channel the runoff roof safely away from home.

Therefore, a gutter system that functions properly is essential not only to prevent damage to the underside of the roof, soffits, and fascia components but to avoid other costly repairs to the house.

How do gutters work

Here's how the typical gutter system works. When the water exits the roof edge, it falls into a gutter that is either integrated into the roof edge (i.e. a "box gutter") or a gutter secured to a panel that runs along the roof (i.e. "facia board").

A gutter system installed correctly will also include a drip to ensure that any water enters the channel, instead of leaking into other areas of the surrounding soffit. Each channel functions as a gutter to collect water and channel to a downspout.