Popular Oriental Rug Materials, Designs, and Colors

When first learning about oriental carpet designs and colors, perhaps a little excessive. With a wide range of different designs, colors and quality of the ingredients, you might want to turn on his heel and walked right out of a carpet shop!

Do not worry. While you may not have extensive knowledge of the oriental carpet, you can still use your gut to make decisions about the carpet. Even if you have no experience with oriental carpets, there are some easily recognizable characteristics you should know that can help you make a purchase rug.

Popular ingredients

Feel pile carpets typically provide consumers with a common understanding of the quality of this carpet. A very soft carpet usually uses finer material, which provides a higher quality carpets. Carpets made of low-quality materials used to feel rough and have a lower number of knots per square inch. You can check out rugs2go for getting more knowledge about rug designs.

A carpet pile material can range from silk to cashmere to depend on the country of origin and culture. Although people generally believe that the silk carpet should be held in the highest esteem, some of owned carpet wool highly-sought after qualities which make them more desirable than other silk carpets.

Carpet Designs Popular

Although many design styles is very similar to the untrained eye, each design a unique oriental carpets. With a variety of colours and symbols available for weavers, weaving cultures that were able to put their own signature style on their carpet.

Design carpet Symbol and Meaning

Common symbols that use oriental rug weavers including different animals and plants. Depending on the type of carpet, the symbols used in the design of the carpet can be varied. For example, carpet gift meant for newly married couples may include symbols that highlight peace, love, happiness, and a faithful marriage.