Dressings For Use In Moisture Balance Treatment Of Wounds

Dressings are a significant part of the treatment of any wound. The right dressings must be chosen depending on the sort of therapy that one is experiencing.

Employing moisture balance for wound healing is a relatively new concept. This therapy also needs certain sorts of dressings to make it successful. These dressings comprise the following:

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– Crystalline saline – dressings known as crystalline saline dressings can also be categorized as absorptive. This is due to the moisture dissipating impacts that the salt crystals impregnated into the gauze have.

These crystalline saline dressings are useful when debriding. This is because friction between the wound bed and the crystals creates an environment that's perfect for mechanical debridement.

It's also possible that the sodium crystals at the dressing can absorb excess bacteria and debris from the wound surface. Care however, ought to be taken that these dressings are required to be changed every 24 to 72 hours.

– Hydropolymer foam – The new class of dressings called hydro polymer to try to combine characteristics of foam and hydrogels. These dressings try to combine the absorbent characteristics of foams with the non adhesive qualities of hydrogels.

This dressing is bordered by a ring of polyurethane adhesive that's water-soluble. This eases nontraumatic removal of the dressing in the wound it's been employed to.