What Every Asthmatic Patient Should Know About Asthma Drugs

Like all medications of modern science, the list of drugs against asthma continues to grow as advances are made. Unfortunately, the side effects of many of these life-saving medications are also issues that we must deal with.

Whenever you feel depressed because of your asthmatic problem, rejoice in the joy that you were born at this time in human history when mankind has advanced in many areas, especially medically. For complete information about the asthma medications list, you can visit https://mymedicationlog.com/medication-lists/asthma-medications-list/.

asthma medications

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Many people who had the condition at that time in history were left with no choice but to suffer the attacks whenever it occurred. But today, there are many drugs against asthma that can help prevent attacks and even treat serious asthmatic cases – thereby prevent death.

The drugs against asthma are grouped under two categories- the quick-relief medicines (also known as relievers) and the long-term medication (also known as preventers).

Some of these drugs against asthma reliever and preventer include:

1. Inhaled corticosteroids – These types of drugs against asthma help in reducing swelling of the airways. With this reduction, it is less likely an asthmatic attack.

2. Bronchodilators – These types of drugs against asthma are anti-inflammatory, but are used by asthma sufferers to control the condition and prevent certain symptoms.

3. Leukotrienes Modifiers – These types of drugs against asthma may help treat mild cases of asthma.

4. Theophylline – Is a type of medication against asthma that can be used to treat mild cases of asthma and also moderate cases.