When Can I Be Exposed To Asbestos?

Asbestos exposure can go unnoticed and is primarily a short term exposure. Unbreakable asbestos is usually strong and not too risky, but unsolved asbestos can be very dangerous if broken. It is very important to understand how dangerous exposure to the fibre in this material is to your body. 

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Short term exposures are common and usually last a day. Some of the short-term exposure scenarios could be:

Drilled old cement plasterboard. Many homes built before 2000 used asbestos in cement to increase strength and durability. By drilling into these walls, these fibres can be released into the air, resulting in short term exposure.

Renovation of the attic or garage. In the mid-20th century, every building contractor and contractor used asbestos for their housing projects. The attic and garage are isolated with vermiculite containing asbestos. In the garage, asbestos panels are mainly used on walls and roofs. Even vinyl floor tiles contain asbestos. When repairing and eroding your home, you can be exposed to asbestos.

Pipe insulation cutting. All piping systems are insulated with asbestos because they are fire and heat resistant. The asbestos coating layer is very exposed and attempts to penetrate the insulation can result in the fibres being inhaled or swallowed directly when working in close proximity.

Although exposure is single and unlikely to cause serious health problems, asbestos exposure is cumulative and, if left untreated, can cause problems later in life.