Choosing The Right Collar For Your Custom Dress Shirts

The dress shirt is very common apparel in a man's wardrobe. Within this article, I will discuss the collar of the dress shirt because it is the most visible part of the shirt and among the chief aspects that collar really affects the appearance of a dress shirt.

Top-quality custom dress shirts are made through a line of stitching and may be seen on the seam which runs along the edge of the shirt. Another aspect of an excellent shirt which you have to assess is buttons. A characteristic of high-quality men's dress shirts is the buttons are stitched in such a way that they won't break easily. To ensure safety, the switches are stitched with cross-locked stitching.

dree shirt

You should also ensure that you have assessed the fitting. The dress shirt should fit well on your own body so you can move your arms comfortably and do not have tightness in your chest or back area. The collar, elbows, and wrist of the custom dress shirt must be carefully examined. When trying on shirts in stores place two fingers between your collar and neck and purchase the one which corrects the fingers. This is because the shirt will shrink after being washed for some time and then when purchasing it, the collar will probably surprise you once you are little or it matches in your neck.

One thing that most people miss about the dress shirt collar is that there is an optimum spread for the form of their face. Matching the collar of the right size and shape can make you slimmer, be comfortable, and provide a much more polished look. When it's paired with the correct tie knot the gap will turn out to be so clear that you will ask yourself why you did not think so soon.

Utilize brass collar remains – they can be obtained at any good department store and can actually be your first line of defense against saggy or collars that are cluttered. Most dress shirts will include a pair of plastic while these work, they are easily bent and after some time the collar appears thin. Together with keeping the collar flat, brass steers also help to provide the collar a good pressed look.