Headshots – How to Choose the Right Service

You have finally decided you need a headshot but don't know where to begin finding the right photographer? This process can be confusing, especially given the number of photographers out there and numerous packages they offer.

Before you make your decision there are a few questions you'll need to answer. What will you be using your headshot for, and how many shots do you need? Generally for a corporate business shot, you'll only need one photo that will end up on you website. resume, book cover etc. Models and actors might want to have a number of different looks in their portfolio. You can also hire professional headshot photographers in Brisbane via https://www.photogenia.com.au/

This is an important consideration as photographers offer many different pricing schemes based on how many 'keeper' photos you want to end up with. What type of background do you want? What look are you going for?

For a business headshot, it's generally better to have a simple background. Solid white is often a good choice, especially if the photo is going to be used online. If you are looking for something a little more creative, an outdoor on location shoot may be your best bet. Keep in mind that there can be extra costs associated with on location work.  

Headshot pricing and packages can vary greatly. Photographers often offer different levels of service or "packages". This often encompasses, shoot duration, number of photos taken, number of 'looks" number of final photos given to client, number of retouched photos given to the client. Some times photographers will offer these services ala cart, so you may be able to save money choosing only those services that you absolutely need.