Configuration Management and Change Control

Configuration Management is a discipline that's exclusive to the work of developing applications so is not specifically addressed anywhere inside the PMBOK. The objective of this report is to provide suggestions about how this subject could be incorporated into your job management plans for a software development job with the least amount of disruption. 

Although not one of the elements of configuration management is directly addressed in the PMBOK you might realize that having a program application of almost any size is hopeless without some elements of configuration control.

The source library used to version and release the software is a fantastic example. You can check out Haptic Media if you are looking for 3d product configurator services.

3d product configurator services

CMM additionally specifies that the aim of configuration management will be to keep up the integrity of this application all through the project's software life cycle. Configuration control will gain the organization during the whole lifespan of this product merchandise, lasting well beyond the end of the job that presents it.

Beyond helping in the CMM/CMMI accreditation process, staying with the criteria set for level two certificates in the region of configuration management won't just help your software project but will also benefit future endeavors and help the service organization keep the software products produced. 

The subjects discussed in this series (requirements management, project planning, job tracking and oversight, sub-contract management, and quality assurance) all align together with some comprehension field from the PMBOK therefore compliance with the criteria should not add considerably to the project extent.