What You Need To Know About Your BMW Software Options

In the past, engines that operated extremely close to engine knock would most likely eventually see catastrophic failure. Nowadays, all cars have tuning software tuned from the factory to run close to the engine knocking to maximize performance – including the BMW software. 

Currently, two BMW tuners really take advantage of the "tuning on the fly" capability of the DME. One is Active Autowerke, who developed the Active-8 tuning module, and Berger Tuning, who developed the JB4.  You can get assistance regarding bmw tuning service via https://eurowerke.com.au/service/performance-ecu-tuning/

Although operating this close to engine knock does help the engine provide near maximum power, how is catastrophic engine failure avoided?

The combination of utilizing lightning-quick data processors and a more advanced engine knock detection system is how. These processors are so fast, some can do two-hundred million operations in one second.

Virtually all cars today are equipped with these superfast processors. This is why they have the potential to get such good gas mileage while still being able to make power with low emissions.

Plainly, the speed of the processors allows for the tune (stock BMW DME or aftermarket tune) to rely on engine knock and adjust the tuning on the fly.

Even though both are an exceptional form of BMW software, they could not be more opposite in regards to their advantages and disadvantages.

Besides being the most affordable BMW software on the market, the JB4 tune also makes more power than the Active-8 module.

Additionally, the JB4 has multiple tune configurations to choose from. There is a different tune for just about any modification that can be made to an applicable BMW model.