Tips For A Productive Elearning Course

This article describes some learning design tips that will help you design an effective e-learning course. In other words, these tips are the hallmarks of a good e-learning system. Continue reading.

Use Meaningful Images

No matter how much design experience you have, you can't ignore the fact that images have an emotional impact. All you need to do is use the right images to maintain your content. You can also get the best course for instructional design certificate via


The originals shouldn't be a distraction. It's not just about decoration. The hallmark of effective design is that it encourages students to pay more attention to content than to decorate.

White Space

White space and content are just as important. So you don't have to fill in empty spaces with content. In fact, spaces help you know a lot of important things. In addition, you can better present your ideas in an empty space.

Content Presentation

Often times, people display all the content on one page. This is wrong. If you want to show a lot of content, you can serve it from different countries. This is a great thing to display content in the best possible way.


People with little design experience end up designing courses with color patterns that don't match the topic. As a result, students lose focus and become confused. Experienced eLearning developers use a single color model to guide learners to the focus of the course.