Massage Therapy Program Teaches Students Deeper Aspects Of The Trade

Massage therapy is much more than you think. These professionals don’t just rub paints. They improve function, support the healing process, reduce the reflex activity of muscles, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being.

In the learning massage therapy program, students learn all of this and more in three years. The offer is a combination of massage therapy training and entrepreneurial business.

massage therapy courses

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As such, students are fully equipped to work independently or in multidisciplinary health care facilities, hospitals, sports rehabilitation clinics, and medical centers, as well as for on-site therapy that is usually offered by large employers in the workplace as employee health benefits.

The strong clinical element offers students the opportunity to improve what they learn in their massage therapy course through controlled practice. There are three outreach experiences in total.

During this aspect, students offer massage therapy to different clients with different needs in different settings and make adjustments as needed. The size of the community introduces clients to massage therapy while providing students with experiences with a wide range of athletic clients with palliative care.

Performance expectations are determined individually depending on the situation, a semester of study, and students. Pre-training integration is expected. After completing massage therapy education, graduates can take the registration exam held by the College of Massage Therapists.