Uses of Retractable Awnings

Roof or tent-like structures that provide shelter to protect people from the sun and rain is known as awning. The materials commonly used in the manufacture of awnings are aluminium, polycarbonate and fibreglass. 

These materials are not damaged during bad weather. It is also made of material such as fibre, plastic and canvas. There are many types of awning available in the market such as canvas awning, canopy awning retractable awning etc . 

Retractable awnings (Also Known as “ กันสาดพับเก็บได้ “ in the Thai Language) are the most popular type because of its various benefits. Retractable awnings as the name itself will suggest that it has the capability to retract. 

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Uses of retractable awning

  • It provides protection and shade for the harsh weather elements.
  • It protects the outside area from wind and rain.
  • It gives lots of privacy.
  • It is used for any kind of outdoor area like seating areas, patios and other indoor areas.
  • By changing the slopes, it will be useful in different weather conditions.

This type of awnings is found available in slope forms, which is used to protect the home from weather. Awnings are made up of fabric material, which are water-resistant. 

In usage, it adds some beautiful angles and colors to the front view of the building.Today retractable awning is preferred by most people because of the growing environment awareness.